Meet Zack & His Friends


As an 8,000 year old artificial intelligence DNA reconstruction engine, Elpis’ sole purpose was to find a worthy descendant of her creator. That descendant was Zackery Henderson. But the adventure to come was more than what she bargained for.


As your stereotypical comic-book-loving-video-game-playing teenage nerd, Zack hadn’t anticipated that his obsession with fantasy would soon become reality … All thanks to a certain floating stone lady. But the adventure he would soon find himself on was much more than he bargained for.


She is a Verse Scout of the 73rd Recon Group of the 3rd Verse Armament Division of the Zeus Regiment. Trained to be a highly skilled infiltrating warrior scout, Kharis counted on her no nonsense upbringing to keep her grounded during her mission, but she didn’t anticipate how the Earth Verse would challenge her beliefs.